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主 讲 人:吴冀衍

地  点:祥联厅

主 办 方:物信太阳城唯一官网

开始时间:2018-08-22 08:30

结束时间:2018-08-22 09:30


吴冀衍,2014年博士毕业于北京邮电大学,目前供职于新加坡的tensor vision技术有限企业。吴博士2014年-2016年期间在新加坡科技设计大学任博士后研究。目前主要研究领域包括视频通信、视频编码、信道编码、异构无线网络和多路并行传输研究。在顶级期刊和会议上发表论文三十多篇,包括JSAC、TON、TMC等知名期刊。 吴博士还曾任职于OmniVision国际知名企业申请多项国际专利。


Driven by the technological advancements in wireless infrastructures and hand-held devices, recent years have witnessed the proliferation of real-time video applications over smartphones (e.g., video call, mobile gaming, live sports streaming, etc.). However, streaming high-quality real-time videos with the limited radio resources is challenging due to the time-varying channel status and stringent service requirements. Therefore, it is of vital significance to investigate the performance optimization for real-time video streaming over unreliable communication networks. This seminar explores the problem in the following aspects: 1) multipath video transmission over heterogeneous wireless networks; 2) high-frame-rate wireless video delivery; 3) energy-efficient video streaming to mobile devices; 4) real-time video communication with TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).  

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